Siri Shortcuts


Xvideos Downloader

  This shortcut allow to you download the videos on Xvideos website.

Version 1.0


  You can choose between Personal or iPhone’s cameras Logo.
  Location to change Personal Logo at: Files app –> Shortcuts –> Watermark.
  2 Personal Logos .PNG are “prsn_b.png” and “prsn_w.png”

•  Note: must to change the new Logo’s name to the same as the old Logo’s name.
( the new Logo should be the same size as the old Logo )

Version 2.2

Convert to GIF

1. Burst to GIF
2. Video to GIF
3. Fhoto to GIF
4. Live Photo to GIF

Version 1.0


  Pick Clipboard
•  Save Clipboard

Version 1.0


  Just ONE TOUCH will record instantly. And ONE MORE TOUCH will stop then automatic save the audio.

  Required Apps: Voice Recorder (Recording App)

+ Functions of Voice Recorder app
_ Support Apple Watch
_ Unlock app by Face ID or Touch ID
_ A lot Format ( MP3, WAV, M4A..etc )
_ Save on iCloud Drive or in Phone
_ Theme

Version 1.0


  This shortcut will help you manage your health:

1. Log Water ( a variety of drinks ) – mL & fl.oz (US)
2. Log Weight ( kg & lbs )
3. A Nap
4. Push-up
5. A Fall
6. Sexual Activity

Version 1.0

Share WiFi

  This shortcut will create a QR Code WiFi let you easy to share.

  Note: Must write your WiFi Password in shortcut before you run.

Version 1.0

Apple's Device Frames

  This shortcut will create the frames for your “Screenshot picture”

•  Frames available:
iPhone, iPad, iMac, Macbook, Apple Watch, Apple TV

Version 1.0

My Socials QR Code

  This shortcut will create the QR Code for your social URLs.

  Note: you have to change the Social URLs in the shortcut before run.

Version 1.0

Egg Timer

  This shortcut has 3 options for Egg Yolk ( Soft – Medium – Hard )
  Play the sound when enough time for yolk.
  Show Alert let you know and when you close the Alert tab, it will be automatic stop the sound.

Version 1.0

Social Media Downloader

1. Youtube ( Video & MP3 )
2. Facebook
3. Flickr ( photo )
4. Twitter
5. Dailymotion
6. Instagram ( Video & Photo )

Version 1.0

Backup Your Shortcuts

  This shortcut will backup all your Siri Shortcuts into:
  File app –> Shortcuts –> Backups

Version 1.0 short URL

  This shortcut will create a short URL for your URL

Version 1.0

Amazon Price History

•  This shortcut will check the historical price of the item

Version 1.0

Emoji Symbols

   ◕‿◕     ヅ     ≧◡≦     ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
   凸(¬‿¬)凸     ┣▇▇▇═─

•  You can add yours favorite symbols in the List

Version 1.0